Unimerc - Amazon Price Tracker

Unimerc is an Amazon price tracker that saves you money by allowing you to set Amazon price drop alerts, view Amazon Price history charts, and find the largest price drops by department. In addition, we provide browswer add-ons for the Chrome and Firefox browsers that allow you to track Amazon prices without ever leaving Amazon. Whether you want to find historical price data for a specific product, or would like to browse for products that have recently dropped in price, Unimerc can save you money.

Want to Find Amazon's Best Deals?

Find Them By Browsing Amazon's Price Drops.

Browse through the categories to find the recent price drops.

The deals are always changing so check back often!

Want to Pay Less for that Item?

Set an Amazon Price Alert.

Decide your price, set the alert, get alerted when the item is at or below your desired price.

Its free and no account required!

Is the Current Price Really a Good Deal?

Check out our interactive price history charts.

See what the item has sold for in the past and make an informed buying decision!

Products we are Tracking that are Currently Selling at a Discount


Amazon: $34.99
Third: $34.99
Used: $29.49
Discount: 25%


Amazon: $51.26
Third: $51.26
Used: $39.73
Discount: 23%


Amazon: $39.00
Third: $39.00
Used: $32.00
Discount: 20%


Amazon: $44.79
Third: $44.49
Used: $35.83
Discount: 19%


Amazon: $99.99
Third: $99.99
Used: $64.99
Discount: 18%


Amazon: $47.99
Third: $62.49
Discount: 19%